Cybercandy!! Look what arrived at the office a few days ago! This box of goodies was a birthday gift from the guys over at Temporary:Secretary. It was such a nice surprise when this box of goodies arrived, I'd never heard of Cybercandy before so it was so cool to see so many different American sweets in the box!

As you can see from the pictures we're huge peanut butter lovers here at H&C and there is such a variety of sweets and drinks available on the Cybercandy website. I have spent hours just browsing through all the products on the website and there are so many cool American products that I've heard of but never tried!

The styling of the website and the brand message is also super cool. The strong retro/comic theme is so consistent, and combined with the candy and confectionary products really took me back to my childhood when I used to go down to the newsagents and browse through the comics and buy sweets and pop! They've even made their newsletter look like an old school comic!

Anyway, enough talking, I'm off to munch on my sweets! Get yourself on and see how cool it is for yourself!

Hero and Cape