The Breakfast Club, London

The Breakfast Club, Soho, London

On a Sunday, us northerners love a traditional roast dinner, but it appears that the cool kids in London have swapped the meat and gravy with some fancy pancakes. What's the fuss about The Breakfast Club, we wondered? All this hyped up talk about them has made me hungry and on our recent trip to London, we couldn't help but pop ourselves there and munch on the most talked about pancakes in the Country! 

This is the type of place that the team at Hero&Cape love to hang out. We appreciate it's little quirks and most importantly, we've got a lot of appreciation for the food! The pancakes, eggs and sausage was cooked to perfection and the little shot of syrup added something naughty to our Sunday lunch. Takes on a whole new meaning to the phrase 'breakfast of champions"
Hero and Cape