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Keepin' It "Up North" | #HeroAndCapeAW14 Photoshoot
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Graphic and Illustration T-Shirts

We must've typed the word "excited" about five hundred times on social media this week! Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration!.... But we really have been eager to reveal to everyone what the Hero&Cape team has been working on!

Behind the scenes, we've been drawing away in our sketchbooks for months and then rendering them suitable for screenprinting on to the cotton t-shirts. That's the fun and creative part, the best bit about the job! There's a whole bunch of awesome Hero&Cape prints for you this season including our take on the fast food fashion trend!

Things got real when the process of planning our A/W '14 shoot went underway. The pressure was on when we went through the list of things we had to consider such as budget, location, logistics, make-up artist, models, photographer... it's the part we always find overwhelming but we knew what style we wanted (fresh, fun, doesn't take itself too seriously) and with some careful planning, we had to believe that we could do it!

Being a brand that is based in the north, the idea of keeping everything "up north" appealed to us. So, last week, we packed the car up with our kit and set off for a two hour drive to Manchester to meet the rest of the team. Upon first impression, we honestly couldn't be happier with the choices we eventually made. For people who have only just met, we got on like we had always known each other and we think that really comes through in the work we had done together. We worked as a team and as a result, we achieved amazing things! The whole day was really positive and super productive - we got things done with time to spare! It felt more like a group of friends hanging out as opposed to "work"! WHAT A DREAM TEAM!

The best thing about this campaign is that we placed it in to the hands of fashion bloggers. Amazing, right?! And it is by far the best shoot we have done so far because if there's ever a group of people who are passionate about fashion and photography, it's bloggers!

First up, the photographer we chose to collaborate with was one we had known since Hero&Cape launched back in 2011. Jefferson from School Boy Couture photographed our whole lookbook and he had the technical abilities to carry the entire project through. Being a local to Manchester, he was our tour guide for the day too! We've admired his work for years and it was great to finally work with someone we believe in.

We also have Sarah from Temporary:Secretary Blog film and edit a video for the campaign. She also set the styling direction too. Capturing the behind-the-scenes footage, she put a video together which you can watch on YouTube here. It was the first time she had done anything like this, so had been trying to perfect the video for days and days!

Now on to the faces of our campaign! The beautiful people! Our female model, Crystal Lily, is a fashion blogger on Five Foot Four Blog who does modelling on the side. We also had our South London boy, Gareth, who isn't a stranger to shoots either as he has previously been in several music videos with the likes of Jess Glynne, Lily Allen and Union J! Impressive, right?! The interesting thing about both of the models we worked with was that they were both under the model industry height requirements but we honestly couldn't give two hoots about the rules because size or height shouldn't be an issue in fashion (rules are there to be broken, anyway!). But as you can tell, our models were AMAZING and they totally worked it!

Last but not least, Lucy, our hair and make-up artist who helped the models get photo-ready for the day. Lucy's got some skills and the "beauty blogger" in Sarah (@tempsec) wanted to sit and watch her do beauty magic! The best thing was that Lucy was passionate about her work and made sure everything was looking fresh! 

We are really proud of this collection, and enjoyed working with the #HeroAndCapeAW14 team. Everyone took a leap of faith and we think it pulled off.

We hope you'll help us spread the word about our independent business and to share the links and photos with your mates! Please feel free to leave us comments and tweet us with your thoughts on the look book, website relaunch and of course, the new tees!

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You can now shop the new range on our website! And don't forget, if you've got a Hero&Cape T-Shirt, upload it Instagram and hashtag #HCTshirtTime to win a new tee!
New Logo & New Clothing!
Screen-printed clothing at

Screen-printed clothing at

Screen-printed clothing at

Screen-printed clothing at

Screen-printed clothing at

Its been a busy start of the year for Hero&Cape, we've been busy with the redesign of the logo and a whole new range of T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters.We have a lot of exciting new products to share with you all including neon speckled T-shirts and lots of new logo and slogan prints. These will be available on over the next couple of weeks. We'll be updating the web-store and our blog with the cool new products and be sure to check our Twitter and Instagram pages for the latest updates!
Resident Hero #001 - Lee Pitman
Barghest Illustration

Grizzly Man Poster

The Villain Screenprint

Let us introduce you to our first ever Resident Hero, the magnificent Lee Pitman! He is an illustrator, art-director,  and photographer. Lee will be working closely with us for the next few months and will have his own Hero&Cape capsule collection, as well as art directing one of our upcoming photoshoots!

What is your day job?
I work as a graphic designer/art director for a design & marketing agency - kind of like a poor man's Don Draper with less scotch and more tea.

How did you get into your job?
A lack of options. My dyslexia was undiagnosed throughout school, which meant I wasn’t going to set the academic world alight. I had always been good at drawing so I kinda ran with it and through trial and error I have found myself doing stuff I enjoy and am pretty good at.

What do you like best about what you do?
I like that things have to have a point or an idea, not just things that look good, which to me is key to marketing. I have taken this into my personal work and have made it a lot more than it would have been without it.

Tell us a bit about your collaboration project with Hero&Cape
The collaboration is a match made in heaven - my love for T-shirts and screen printing drew me to Hero&Cape and I feel we have the same interest in pop/alternative culture. I have been given a great opportunity to just run with a few crazy ideas and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Who or what is the main inspiration behind your work?
I would love to throw a cool artist, band or author's name at you but if I'm honest with myself I would have to say Star Wars. I know that destroys all my credibility but it introduced me to my first love.. cinema. With that came other films and other subjects - mythologies and the idea of good & evil. These things have always been a big influence on my work and are still important to me today.

Which piece of your work are you most proud of?
I'm proud of the Grizzly Man poster because it was a marriage of my love of art and film. I painted the picture with my fingers which meant I had to force myself not to get hung up on details - after years of using computers it was quite difficult! I entered it into a competition, where it came 3rd, but more importantly it was seen by the distributors of the original film and I now have a copy of the poster signed by the director Werner Herzog.

What is your favourite/most important possession?
I would like to say some kind of family heirloom but I don't have any. I have a fetish for cameras and photos and I have spent a lot on screen printed posters, but my mac is my pride and joy - without it I would be lost.

What one thing do you do better than anyone you know?
I have a real problem remembering peoples' names yet I can remember, word for word, quotes from films I saw 10 years ago - I feel it's far more useful!

What was the last movie you watched and what do you give it out of 10?
I watch a lot of films, in some ways films are my music and I will just listen to a film in the background. The last film I really watched was Shame, which was very good, I would give it 9 out of 10.

What would be the title of your autobiography?
I've told you a MILLION times not to exaggerate!

What is your life long ambition?
To keep moving forward and upwards in everything, even if it's the tiniest of increments. Oh and get a Samurai sword.

Smart or Casual (clothing) and why?
I try to walk that wobbly line of smart/casual, but if I'm honest with myself I tend to be more casual/scruffy. It's not that I don't take pride in my appearance, it just so happens that I'm usually in some sort of T-shirt, jeans, boots and hoodie combo.

What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?
I have a vast pool of useless knowledge on subjects of little or no value, so I would go for 80's cartoon theme songs - from Transformers to Samurai Pizza Cats I have it covered.

Lee's capsule You can find more of Lee's super cool work at