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We couldn't not get involved in offering your a good old discount on Black Friday! You can get 25% off your entire order by typing the code BLACKFRIDAY25 at checkout. This applies to all orders and we ship worldwide, so get shopping at Hero&Cape! Here's just some of the stuff we've got in store...

hero&cape, street wear, uk street wear, uk tshirt brand

Furthermore, follow us on social media (links below) because we've got LOTS of treats coming up for you on Monday for #CyberMonday (the online version of Black Friday!). It's going to be MEGA!

The PERFECT T-Shirts for Summer!
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All available from Hero&Cape

Hope you're all having a fabulous Summer so far! We've had a pretty rocky one so far, haven't we? Currently caught in the middle of a thunderstorm so there's no better time to catch up with some things on the old blog! (finger crossed the storm doesn't cause a power cut whilst typing this...)

We have a bunch of new stuff on the website, as you might have noticed! The web design guys are going for a rainbow coloured shop page, just to be a little different from the norm! 

At the moment, we are really in to surface print and an all-over design. We've equipped ourselves with a new screen printing kit which is taking up a large percentage of the studio! But everything is still drawn by hand first before it's all screen printed on our organic tshirts, so there's still that element of illustration. ;-) Our latest designs are inspired by current Summer trends such as tropical prints and 90's fashion. 

Please have a look through our shop and see if there's anything you like for your Summer day trips, festivals and holidays abroad! There's a couple of Fresh Prince inspired prints, a pink flamingo one, a very cheerful smiley face t-shirt and a couple of fruit patterns which are hugely popular this past few weeks! You guys are LOVING the pineapple and watermelon t-shirts which now also come in a cropped tops too!